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Dredging Ash Ponds

Energy Resources, Inc. is a dredging contractor in Chesterfield, Missouri. We also work in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Florida, on lake dredging and geotube projects If your utility company has a full ash pond, or you're transitioning to a new pond, call us for experienced, professional service.

The Utility Industry

The electrical utility industry has gone through dramatic changes in the last few years. On the market side there is deregulation, and the power generation side environmental requirements are more strict. This mandates producing electricity at the lowest possible cost. One cost that continues to escalate is the disposal of fly ash. The chemical nature of fly ash determines its marketability, and in many cases there is no market.

Ash Storage Issues

Most new ash disposal ponds require fabric liners, and the permitting time for a new pond can be several years. In the meantime, many power plants are running out of storage room. The service we provide is moving ash from point A to point B. You get more storage at point B because we pump a higher percentage of solids using our 8" submersible pump dredge. This in turn yields a higher angle of repose at point B. In some cases we simply redistribute the ash to the part of the pond that is not being utilized. In other cases we move the ash from a temporary basin to a designated final spoil site.


Working With Liners

Our team has worked with fabric liners in the pond we're dredging and in the disposal pond. We have developed techniques that ensure there is no damage to the liner during the dredging process. Ten years ago utility work was less than 5% of our business. Last year it accounted for more than 50% of our work. We continue our efforts to offer a better solution for fly ash disposal.